Barton Heat [working title subject to approval by the Estate]. 

The site where RADE fought off a Diesel Power Station has now been developed for Battery Storage that is just going onstream. RADE was instrumental in coordinating community input into and support for the scheme. The Battery Storage scheme is unique as part of its community-owned. The Owners have put aside funds for RADE to develop a further community energy scheme to thank the community for their support. The initial feasibility study will 

  • Explore the feasibility of supplying the heating and hot water requirements of the communal housing blocks on B Estate from renewable energy sources, including PV; Heat pumps – ground, air and water sourced; Energy stored in the earth below a local park.
  • Ultimately, B Heat may be linked to the city-wide Heat Network being developed within Bristol City Leap and renewable energy options developed as part of the Evolution of St Philp’s Marsh.
  • Part of the feasibility study will consider the extent that the Estate can manage B Heat or act as a supervisory body to ensure Community Ownership of the scheme and preservation of the park as a public asset by providing it with an income.
  • B Estate will decide on the final name of the Project and agree on its duration.
  • The Project may be extended by additional funding from other sources.
  • Nexus Elements involved
    • RADE
    • Baggator
    • ElhPlan
    • St Philip’s Forum
    • Easton Data Garden
    • Easton Energiser
  • The project will be supported by Student Placements from UWE under the professional guidance of various companies and organisations.