Community services

Baggator is a small Charity surrounded by a constellation of organisations and groups that share common resources, known as the Baggator Nexus. Read more



Campaigning for clean air

Residents Against Dirty Energy formed to fight a diesel generator plant proposal on our doorstep - St Philip’s Marsh. We won. Since then, we've focused on 'static' burning and Battery Storage. Read more


Saaf Hava

[Clean Air]

With the Council of Bristol Mosques, RADE decided to expand its network of Citizen Sensors by adding more air quality sensors and expanding into traffic monitoring. Read more

Easton Energiser Website

Easton Energiser

Sharing Data

During Covid-19, Baggator Nexus used the Easton Energiser Website to test ways to display information about Easton. This is now undergoing further expansion as an information and [ultimately] a digital form of a 'newspaper'.

Easton Energiser Website


Elh-Plan has helped the establishment of three Community Groups - Newtown Network, St Marks Road Community Group, and Napier Road. Read more.

ElhPlan Website

St Philip’s Forum

Is registering as the Neighbourhood Forum for St Philip’s Marsh and will develop a Neighbourhood Plan with The Marsh and the surrounding communities

St Philips Forum Website

Easton Forum

Evolving out of the original Neighbourhood Planning Group [Plan-EL], Easton Forum will provide a planning umbrella for community groups in the area

Easton Forum Website