Through Neighbourhood Planning Groups like Plan-EL and Marsh Maker, and supported by ELH Citizens University, Community Planning has brought six Masters Programme Design Teams from UWE into East Bristol over the past few months. Community Clients have enhanced each Design Team. The Community Clients ranged from two people pulling together past and present (St Philip’s Marsh); to a Stakeholder Panel from the Community, Organisations, Faith Groups, Businesses, and Statutory Agencies (St Marks Road).

Other Design Teams have looked at

  • Newtown, building on last year’s project to refurbish the play area (Newtown 1), to consider the open spaces, courtyards, and fencing (Newtown 2). The Nexus will use Project Management of Newtown 1 to transfer skills to the estates’ Community Planning Team
  • Barton Hill, using a simple intervention (communal gardening) to kick start capacity building. Then painting a picture of phased regeneration that ties into new Social Housing on St Philip’s Marsh. Marky of Redcliffe Residents Action Group provided the Horticultural input.
  • Craft Quater (between Barton Hill, Newtown, St Philp’s Marsh). Community Client included Cllr Afzal Shah (Cabinet Member for Climate, Ecology and Sustainable Growth). Integration of business and community sustainability in the inner city. Link the Craft Quater to St Philip’s Marsh via the new University Campus – the ‘Craft Trail’. The Old Market Neighbourhood Plan include a connectivity theme, and this is the subject of joint discussions soon.
  • Riverside Park. Often overlooked, or hurried through as it is not very welcoming (especially after dark), work with the Community Clients created a short, medium, and long term plan to make this surprisingly large area a much more useful asset to local Citizens.