Saaf Hava? It means Clean Air. It means Citizen Sensing across Easton. Twenty sites will measure Air Pollution, Temperature, Humidity; with room for expansion. Already we’re adding Telraam traffic counters by integrating UWEs WE COUNT programme into Saaf Hava via the STEM Ambassadors. Those 20 sites over 1.6 square kilometres will be the most comprehensive Citizen Sensing network in the UK? When we add in generation 3, and 4 of the data set expansion if not now. Holograms telling you about all sorts of things from your world, in any language, anybody? Maybe see them first on St Marks Road (something we need to talk to the Community Group about)

Saaf Hava? Is a joint initiative between RADE and the Council of Bristol Mosques. Saaf Hava is a megaphone for unheard BAME and Working-Class voices in debates about the environment. Saaf Hava dreams that no one will try and discuss the environment, or transport without starting with the people who work it, live it and feed their families.