Residents Against Dirty Energy

Campaigning for clean air

RADE formed to fight a diesel generator plant proposal on our doorstep – St Philip’s Marsh. We won. Since then, we’ve focused on ‘static’ burning and Battery Storage, as everyone else focuses on traffic. RADE has worked with underrepresented groups in environmental activity from the outset, bringing together an alliance of Blue Collar workers, Somali Taxi Drivers, Parents and residents of Barton Hill [a deprived Council Estate]. They went on to support the development of sustainable alternatives like Battery Storage.

RADE has worked with several NGOs in the UK and USA on Biofuels, Universities [especially the University of West of England – UWE], and statutory agencies. RADE was part of the Defra Steering Group that developed Defra’s Air Quality Strategy, including a special input to the ‘Air Quality Inequality’ discussions that recognised that air quality is commonly worse for low-income and deprived communities.

Real-time monitoring of Particulate Air Pollution is being carried out across the city by a number of citizens, & can be viewed here.