This will help us promote the groups that work with Baggator. Please fill in as much as you can so we can give people the correct information.

  • Please tell us as much as possible about the services you provide.
  • What kind of people use your services? Do they have to be a certain age? Or from a certain area? Let us know as much as possible please.
  • Are there specific days you provide your services?
  • Do you run your services out of Baggator or do you deliver? Or is it a mixture? Let us know as much as possible please.
  • If it does please tell us how much.
  • We can ask for help on social media for you
  • How long have you been running for and what started you?
  • We might need to make this public
  • Please give us an email address we can give out to other people
  • Make sure it is one we can put online so people can contact you
  • Please upload your logo or another picture we can use for you here.
    Max. file size: 20 MB.