Name of group   Super Supper club
What do you do?   We collect surplus food from supermarkets and use the food too make a 3 course meal for the local community on a Wednesday for a donation of £3.
Any left over veg, fruit, bread and other non perishables can be taken at the end of the night. During lockdown we prepared meals and freeze them to be sent out to families, vulnerable people and isolated folk.. We also provide meals for the youth club and STEM children’s club.
Who do you do it for?   STEM and youth club is for anyone with children who can come for a free meal.
Super club is for anyone who may be socially isolated , not have much money or want to volunteer and give something back to the community.
When do you do it?   STEM , Mondays from 5.00pm
Supper super club , Wednesdays 5.00pm to volunteer, 7.00pm for dinner
BAGGA BITES Thursdays 5.00pm- 7.00pm
Where do you do it?   All run from The Pickle Factory
Does it cost money?   Children’s clubs are free
Supper club £3 donation.
Is there anything you need?   Sometimes we font get the minimum £70 needed to run Supper Club, this is needed for rent and cleaning, if we don’t get any food donated the cost comes onto of the £70
How did you start?   We have been running for 8 years now. We wanted to stop so much food going in the bin when it is perfectly edible. We offer meat, vegetarian and vegan options.
Being able to enjoy a 3 course meal with other poeple in your community is an icebreaker if you are socially isolated.
Person to contact for more details   Rachel Hodgson
Contact email address
Contact phone number   07812521399